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This slideshow shows the entire Elevator Addition process from the ground breaking ceremony to the current state. You may need to activate Acitve-X; this is usually identified in a yellow banner running horizontally across your browser. With this slideshow, you can:

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July - A working elevator!

We held a beautiful dedication and then enjoyed a wonderful barbecue and amazing blue grass music on the lawn in back of the church on July 12th. Two weeks later, the elevator was working. It had its "ups and downs" during the first month, getting all the bugs worked out. But it is a tremendous addition to the building and a blessed reprieve from always having to take the stairs!

December 14, 2008 -- Elevator Groundbreaking Ceremony

With great jubilation, on December 14, the congregation held a Ground Breaking Service at the site of an elevator addition. Participants were Mary Broy, member of the Elevator Committee; Joan Houck, Chair of the Finance and Property Committee; Dorothy Thompson, senior member of the congregation; Al Johnson, Chair of the Board of Deacons; and Reverend Dallas Stallings, Pastor.

October 15, 2008 - Presentation at Called Business Meeting

This Powerpoint presentation was used at the called business meeting on October 15th to show the proposed elevator addition and ask the attendees to vote/approve the proposal at a meeting on October 22nd. The proposal was approved.

Elevator Building Committee:

  • Mary Broy
  • Jeff Fanning
  • Dick Hill
  • Skip Royston
  • Rose Staples

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